Upcoming 2022 Arizona Tax Lien Sales

The Arizona tax lien sales season will be here soon! Realauction is once again hosting the 2022 annual tax lien sales for multiple Arizona counties.

Please review this year’s offerings and posted deadlines to ensure your participation. For your convenience, the links for the upcoming sales are noted below.

Practice Site https://demo.arizonataxsale.com

Sales close daily

Apache County https://apache.arizonataxsale.com

Site opens 1/14/2022

Coconino County https://coconino.arizonataxsale.com

Site opens 1/18/2022

Maricopa County https://maricopa.arizonataxsale.com

Site opens 1/25/2022

Mohave County https://mohave.arizonataxsale.com

Site opens 2/2/2022

Navajo County https://navajo.arizonataxsale.com

Site opens 1/17/2022

Pima County https://pima.arizonataxsale.com

Site opens 2/2/2022

Pinal County https://pinal.arizonataxsale.com

Site opens 1/28/2022

Yavapai County https://yavapai.arizonataxsale.com

Site opens 1/12/2022

Yuma County https://yuma.arizonataxsale.com

Site opens 1/31/2022

Contact our Customer Service Department - customerservice@realauction.com or 1-877-361-7325 - for any questions.  We wish you great success in this year’s auctions!

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