Osceola County Clerk of Court's Office Begins Online Tax Deed Sales

Osceola County Clerk of Court Press Release


October 25, 2011


Osceola County Clerk of Court's Office

Begins Tax Deed Sales

Kissimmee, FL- The Honorable Malcom Thompson, Osceola County Clerk of Courts, is pleased to announce that beginning in November of 2011, tax deed sales will be taking place online.

"Over the past couple of years, we have seen a significant reduction in our budget, which is set by the State," says Thompson. "By conducting tax deed sales online, in accordance with section 197.542, Florida Statutes, the Clerk's Office can increase the efficiency of our tax deed sales while reducing administrative costs associated with the live tax deed sale process." By going online, more bidders will be able to be a part of the process because they can participate from the comfort of their own homes, office, public computer, or library, instead of having to attend the sales in person at the courthouse. this will also allow bidders from around the world the opportunity to place bids.

Beginning November 1, 2011, interested parties can register, place bids, and take an online training course in how to participate in the online tax deed sale process by visiting the new tax deed sale website at www.osceola.realtaxdeed.com. Realauction, the selected online tax deed vendor, will conduct training and orientation sessions for bidders, both online and at the Osceola County Courthouse, with complete instructions on how to participate in the online tax deed sales.

"We are excited to use technology to move forward in the tax deed sale process," stated Thompson. "As we move toward a paperless system, both in maintaining the court records and the Official Records of Osceola County, Florida, the Clerk's Office will continue to pursue its goal of providing the taxpayer with significant savings. It is our goal to save our customers time in line, by going online."

Osceola County's first online tax deed sales are set to begin November 29th, with online training for bidders available by Webinar and in person training available at the Osceola County Courthouse on November 15th and 16th.

For more information regarding tax deed sales, please see Chapter 197, Florida Statutes. You may also visit the Clerk's website at www.osceolaclerk.org.

For more information about Mr.Thompson and/or about the services provided by the Osceola County Clerk of Court's Office, please visit the website at www.osceolaclerk.com or call at 407-742-3500.

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