TikTok Video Shows Realauction.com Tax Sale Sites, Describes Process & Goes Viral!

Two weeks ago, it was brought to our attention that several of our Florida Tax Sale auction websites were featured in a TikTok video late last year - & they've gone "viral" ever since! With more than 6 Million views and counting, we would like to thank @hublot_homie for the great exposure!

If you've seen these videos, here are a couple of important points:

1) No, investing in FL Tax Liens is not illegal.

2) No, it is not that easy to take title to the property whose taxes are delinquent; there are several rules and a 2 year redemption period applies.

And most importantly:

3) Yes, Florida is a great state to invest in delinquent Tax Liens!

Contact our Customer Service Department to find out more - 1-877-361-7325 or customerservice@realauction.com. Happy Investing!

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