Tax Deed Application Processing

Simplify Tax Deed Application Processing at Every Step

RealTDA™ is first in the industry to use technology to tax deed application processing. Using electronic filing, managing, and tracking of documents, RealTDA™ streamlines the process for Tax Collectors, Clerks of the Court and title companies while providing investors with immediate access to comprehensive, accurate information.

“One of the key advantages of RealTDA™ is how easy it is to use. You don’t need to be a power computer user to capitalize on the workflow benefits. The system is so simple, people get comfortable with it in just a few minutes.”

Ken Mahaffey,
Putnam County Tax Collector

Reduce hours and costs

Hundreds of applications can be processed in just seconds. Procedures that once required days can now be completed literally in minutes.

Simple to use

Even first time users can quickly master the process, minimizing training requirements.


Specific modules for Tax Collectors, title companies, Clerks of the Court and investors can work together or act as standalone applications.

Accurate, immediate information.

All information is centralized so participants in any tax deed application can easily file, update and follow the progress from their desktop.

Tax Collector Module

Automatically calculates the amount due on each certificate, tracks payments electronically and notifies the user when funds have settled. Receipts, notifications and title orders can be processed on hundreds of certificates simultaneously with one click. What once took days can now be accomplished in just minutes.

Clerks of the Court Module

Effortlessly process and manage thousands of tax deed applications. The system automatically calculates the amount due on each application for court fees, Sheriff’s services, advertising costs, copies, postings and certified mailings. Up-to-the-minute payment status from the Tax Collector Module alerts the Clerk when delinquent taxes have been satisfied.

Title Company Module

Title company staff can retrieve new tax deed applications electronically, with secure and immediate access to accurate parcel identification. Once title searches are completed online, they are transmitted securely to the Tax Collector.

Investor Module

Investors find it easy to execute one or dozens of tax deed applications. In one easy-to-track transaction, investors can initiate their applications and pay off multiple tax certificates for multiple bidder accounts. The Alert feature automatically notifies the taxing authority when investors submit new applications and payments, speeding workflow.

RealTDA™ is available now for installation and implementation. Please contact us to schedule a demonstration.